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    We provide request management services to support institutions deliver on request
    for documents - includes Certificate, Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation,
    Letter of References, and many more.
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The fastest way to get all your Documents
from institutions in Ghana Without Hassles With real time tracking for all your request, and a committed delivery time as short as 24Hours.

Some other simple reasons why you should use The Clearing Hub No Travel Extra-Expense Hidden Charges


Request your documents from institutions in Ghana while sitting anywhere in the world. The Clearing Hub does it all for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Save money on travel costs (transport and accommodation) trying to obtain these documents.


Time Efficient

Committed service levels for each request, starting from as short as 24 hours.

Highly Secured

equest process is protected by the data protection act, and documents are handled via priority courier service to ensure delivery is made only to whom it is designated

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Just four steps, and you are done. It's straight forward simple extremely easy to use .

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